Bourdosoft Web Technologies, LLC

Software for Safety™

Bourdosoft specializes in software for the public safety sector. Formed by a group of technically savvy 9-1-1 dispatchers and police officers, we have a unique understanding of the complex needs in public safety for accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency.

All too often public safety agencies must rely on pencil and paper for scheduling-related tasks given the unique nature of the business. There is very little in the way of out-of-the-box offerings for public safety agencies, and what does exist is often not particularly well suited for the task. Each link in the Bourdosoft chain is manned by someone with firsthand experience in the industry, who really understands these challenges. We are a company "by the industry, for the industry."

The varying "Sched" software suites were designed for one ultimate goal: to save your agency time. Time that is currently spent by supervisors and administrators pouring over paper schedules, overtime sign-ups and hiring, and vacation and leave requests. It's affordable price makes it a no-brainer for agencies wanting to allocate their resources in the most effective way possible. Stop paying a Police Sergeant, Fire Lieutenant, or EMS Supervisor to be stuck behind a desk with mundane office tasks, and get them back out on the street where they can make a difference!

All Bourdosoft software suites are run in the cloud as a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) saving your agency time, resources, and money. There's no need for special technical staff on hand to administer servers, software, or patching. Simply view the service in any web browser or mobile device, which is fully supported. Each user account will automatically sync with the most recent data completely independent of device, allowing the same user to login via a work computer while on duty, or from a cell-phone at home.

All of the software is run on the Bourdosoft backend in multiple secure datacenters across the United States. This allows for nearly 100% uptime of the product, and redundancy of the service. Should a significant event cause one datacenter to go offline, there is another several states away ready to pick up the slack. Data is mirrored as it comes in to make certain that should disaster strike, your important business will not be affected.

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