Bourdosoft Web Technologies, LLC

About Us

Bourdosoft is a "by the industry, for the industry" software services company. Our focus is to move agencies from the municipal level to the federal level from using pen and paper scheduling solutions to a fully integrated, intelligent, and affordable software package. Whether that be with an out-of-the-box "Sched" product, or with completely custom solution based on the Bourdosoft Core™ engine.

Bourdosoft started with a 9-1-1 dispatcher, who happened to study Computer Science, seeing a desperate need in their agency for an elegant solution to a simple problem. Getting away from signing up for lunches and breaks, bi-annual shift bid, annual and incidental leave, and overtime availability on a paper sheet. A 9-1-1 communications center, and any public safety, organization operates in a very unique way, unlike any other business. With first hand experience, the dispatcher was able to successfully pitch and implement a complete software package for these needs. This software has significantly streamlined the process, and removed the burden on employees to be AT work in order to complete any of these basic tasks.

Ask about how Bourdosoft can solve these issues for your organization.