Bourdosoft Web Technologies, LLC


COMMSched is the cost effective software package that started Bourdosoft 5 years ago. A variant of the agency specific software first written by the founder to solve the problem of moving mundane scheduling tasts from paper and pencil to a robust cloud based solution that is accessible anywhere.

COMMSched is the package meant specifically for 9-1-1 communications centers, helping solve some of the very unique challenges in staffing that arise in such an environment. Challenges such as:

  • Rotating schedules.
  • "Shot" based daily schedules.
  • Minimum staffing and optimal staffing target levels.
  • Lunch and break selections, and availability based on staffing levels.
  • Seniority management.
  • Shift bid process.
  • Annual leave requests.
  • Incidental leave requests.
  • Shift swap/trade requests.
  • Overtime requests and hiring.
  • Can also be configured to run off union based rules in any of the above functions.

COMMSched can easily be configured to accomodate your agencies specific needs. "Shot" based daily schedules can be configured a number of different ways. 12 2-hour "shots", 8 3-hour "shots", 4 6-hour "shots", with additional rule definition being possible via Bourdosoft to fit your centers exact requirements.

COMMSched also comes with a full administrative panel, with permission sets possible at the group or per user level. Organization administration can retain control over the creation and management of new user accounts, or delegate it down to lower level supervisors. If your organization is unionized then union specific tasks, like seniority management or shift/vacation bidding processes can be delegated to union leadership, without exposing other administrative features.

COMMSched is in the final stages of development. Contact us to be notified when it is complete!