Bourdosoft Web Technologies, LLC

Custom Software Engineering

Does your agency have a unique challenge that nothing seems fit to solve? Let us handle it for you!

All products will be delivered as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) package for easy and rapid deployment. No need for on-site technical staff to rack and stack server equipment, worry about provisioning, database management, or patching. We will handle that all for you. Bourdosoft utilizes cloud computing power in various geographically isolated datacenters, which all run in tandem with each other. Data is backed up in real time across each edge location to provide maximum fault tolerance in case of disaster. This redundancy also ensures that your data always exists somewhere, and is immediately available for your services.

All Bourdosoft custom software is built on the hyper efficient Bourdosoft Core™ software base. The core provides all of the lowest level functions, such as user management and permissions, activity logging, message handling, email handling, and server technology right from the get go. This allows Bourdosoft programmers to skip worrying about these tasks, and start addressing your specific needs IMMEDIATELY reducing the cost, and time spent waiting for your product.

Contact us to talk more about a customized solution. Please describe your needs specifically.