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POLSched is the cost effective way to let your police focus on policing. A chronically heard complaint from clients is that police supervisor staff, generally at the Sergeant level spend too much time off the road dealing with administrative tasks. Like worrying about community coverage, hiring officers on overtime to cover gaps, and sort thru lists of seniority to evenly and fairly distribute overtime.

POLSched is designed around the specific needs of police agencies scheduling and coverage, and allows for lightening fast action (based around your agency and union rules). This super efficient suite will keep headaches down, and visibility up, as more officers and supervisors will be on the street and away from paper and pencil based sheets and pouring over rule books. POLSched can help elegantly handle the following challenges.

  • Police district coverage, as well as prioritization of districts based on agency defined time/date rules.
  • Simple overtime sign-up.
  • Integrates with agency and union rules to ensure fair distribution.
  • Notifications when an action is taken on offers, configurable on a per user basis (text, email, etc).
  • Seniority management.
  • Shift bid process.
  • Annual leave requests.
  • Incidental leave requests.
  • Shift swap/trade requests.

POLSched also comes with a full administrative panel, with permission sets possible at the group or per user level. Organization administration can retain control over the creation and management of new user accounts, or delegate it down to lower level supervisors. Union specific tasks, like seniority management or shift/vacation bidding processes can be delegated to union leadership, without exposing other administrative features.

POLSched is in the final stages of development. Contact us to be notified when it is complete!